Shioya-shiki Seishin Chosoku-ho (Breathing practice with right mind devised
by Medical Doctor Nobuo Shioya)

Breathing practice (Chosoku-ho)
Close your eyes.
1. Breathe in slowly for 5~7 seconds. Push air into the lower abdomen
(Tanden) under the navel. Lower abdomen should swell and become like a
balloon or ball.

2. Hold the breath and close your anus for 5~10 seconds. Strain your lower
abdomen muscle and make your abdomen balloon hard. Please do not forget to
close your anus. You must not strain your abdomen too much. You must not
strain your upper body at all.

3. Breathe out slowly for 5~10 seconds. Lower abdomen should shrink and
draw back. Relieve all of your muscles. Try to exhale longer than inhaling.

4. Breathe in naturally.
5. Breathe out naturally.

Above-mentioned length of the breathing is just a rough standard, so you can
do it in your own capacity. If you do it too much extremely, you will lose
softness and get tense. Try to hold your breath and breathe out longer in
your capacity. In doing this, your brain wave will become , that is to
say, you will be in a very relaxed status of your body and mind.

Repeat above 1 through 5 for 25 times.

Definite statement and image practice
During above 1 to 3, try to speak to yourself and have a vivid image of your

When you breathe in, speak to yourself and have a vivid image as follows.
Infinite forces of the universe have been put into lower abdomen, then the
forces have spread over the whole body.

When you hold the breath, speak to yourself and have a vivid image of your

This should not be "I want to be ~", but should be "I have gained ~". For
example, if you get lung cancer, your talking should be like "I have
recovered complete health" and your image should be like "I am in good
health" or "Clear blood circulate in and out from my lung organs".

Your desire should not be necessarily relate to your health. For example,
if you hope your business will go well, speak to yourself so and have an
image that you have been already busy with your business.

And your desire does not necessarily relate to you. For example, if you
want to cure other person's illness, it is O. K. for you to do the practice.
Or if you want to find a good job for your daughter, it is also O. K. for
you to do so.

If you have 5 wishes, have each one talking and image through each 5 times.
If you have 2 wishes, have one talking and image through 15 times, have
another through 10 times.

Dr. Shioya says this practice will make all of your desires realized. But
if the desire were not consistent with general happiness of the mankind or
earth, you would take some negative reactions on the realized desires some
day after you attain your wish.

When you breathe out, speak to yourself and have a vivid image as follows.
"Waste materials of the body have been breathed out. My whole body has been
purified. I have become younger." (The last one is not needed if you are

If you do not have time to do above breathing practice 25 times at once, it
is O.K. to do it by 5 times respectively. You can do it anytime in
anywhere. Of course, it is a little bit better to do 25 times at once, but
to do it time by time will still give you a merit.

Posture requirement is to relax, but not bend forward too much or backward
too much. You can do it in sitting on the chair or floor or standing or

Suzu no In
Except lying posture, the position of the hands is right hand over the left
hand in front of your navel at the distance of one fist. Left hand sits
horizontally. Put your right hand over your left hand vertically. Grasp
both hands each other as if you hold the small egg within them. Cross your
right thumb over your left thumb. The angle of both your arms are at 90
degrees. Both of your arms touch your body softly. This hands posture is
called "Suzu no In" (sign of the bell).

When you practice in the lying posture, you can just put both your hands
beside your body with palms facing down.

There might be many detailed questions against above requirements. You do
not have to stick to the detailed so much. For example, if you can not
follow above instructions for image practice due to lack of concentration,
it is O.K. for you to do only breathing practice. Only breathing practice
will give you big merits. While you practice day by day in the relaxed
situation, you will come to notice that you attain your desires.

When you finished above 1 to 5 for 25 times (if you want to do more, it is
O. K. to do till whenever you like to stop), to breathe in and out 10 times
naturally, but slowly. In this time, try to speak the next phrase when you
breathe out.

"Having focused infinite forces of the universe, the time of perfect peace
has come on earth".

You can speak it in your mind or speak out if circumstances allow it.

First 25 times, image and talking is only for you or your family or friend.
In above declaration, the peace means the peace for earth and all sentient
beings. So if you declare above mantra, it means you pray that world peace
attain for all sentient beings.

Right mind (Seishin)
Right mind status means as follows.

1. Think positively and take everything that happens around you positively.
2. Never forget to be thankful to surroundings.
3. Do not complain.

Above right mind status will generate right things at your surroundings.
Negative and dark mind status will generate such surroundings. In your
daily life, try to keep right mind status so that you could bring forth