Seishinchosokuho and Daidangen
Objective of opening Home Page

This Home Page is about a method to maintain health called
Seishinchosokuho by Shioya-method introduced in a book "Health,
Long-life and Euthanasia" written by Dr. Nobuo Shioya, M.D. in
November, 1993. This book was sold so well that the second edition
was published in a half year. As time goes by, testimonials from
people who carried out this health method started to accumulate. Of
course, there are messages saying that their diseases were cured and
messages saying that they became happier because of the method.

Dr. Shioya says, "I changed my frail body into a stronger body and
overcame a number of diseases and finally obtained a above-average
healthy body and living long years". Most of people who read this
book and faithfully follow what is written in the book became just
like I. I thought that an increase in the number of such a people
increases in the world could establish a big basis for achieving the
world peace. The unique breathing method published by Dr. Shioya is
called Seishinchosokuho by Shioya-method and can be easily practiced
by anybody. This method is presently carried out by many people.
Not only it cured intractable diseases, is extremely efficacious in
stress, aging, dementia and adult diseases, but also improves one's

This breathing method (hereinafter referred to as Seishinchosokuho)
is explained in detail in Dr. Shioya's bestseller book
"Daikenkoryoku" (Golf-Digest-Sha). Its purpose is to spread this
method around for many people to use Seishinchosokuho, for many
people in the world to become healthier, for many people in the
world to become happier and to create a peaceful world.

Seishinchosokuho can be practiced in 20 to 30 minutes per day. It
fills oxygen in the body, enhances the functions and resistance of
cells, good both for physical and mental well-being, and there are
many cases in which even chronic diseases were cured. You may say
that how can a mere method of breathing cure diseases. However,
Seishinchosokuho does neither cost money nor take a long time. It
would be a good idea for those who are annoyed by chronic diseases,
etc. to try it once to see the result. This Home Page is not
related to moneymaking, gathering people nor a dubious religion.
Having obtained the permission of Dr. Nobuo Shioya, as a creator of
the Home Page I sympathize with his ideas based on my own
experience, and I am personally transmitting this information.

Profile of Dr. Nobuo Shioya
Nobuo Shioya, M.D.

He established an internal medicine clinic in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1931
and had been engaged in the frontier of medical care until 1986 at
his age of 84 for more than 50 years.
He treated many patients using what he calls the lifeline therapy.
Although every internal medicine clinic had very few customers due
to the influence of the Great Depression, his clinic was the most
popular clinic in Tokyo. Currently, he is pushing forward with the
popularization of Seisokushinchoho, which he published, and goes
everywhere in Japan to give a talk and writes books.

Dr. Shioya says, "Though there are various methods to maintain
health and breathing methods, the founders of those methods have not
been able to enjoy their longevity. The reason is that there is
something lacking or something is wrong with that method."
The most persuasive justification of Seisokushinchoho is that the
founder of the method enjoys his longevity and stays in health.
Currently, he publishes articles in a series form in Weekly Golf
Digest magazine. The title of the weekly articles is called "Wait
for me there, Bobby." I would like to recommend reading the
articles to those who are interested in it.

Dr. Shioya has achieved age shoot for 3 times so far (age shoot
means to obtain the score less than one's own age). Recently, he
accomplished this feat the year before last when he was 94. It was
a world record, and he appeared on TV and was written in magazines.
People who play golf would know how great this feat is. I consider
this is one of the results of Seishinchosokuho.

Born in March, 1902 in Uenoyamamachi of Yamagata prefecture
Graduated from Medical School in University of Tokyo in March, 1926
Since March, 1928
Held a post of an Assistant Professor in May, 1930.
Established internal medicine clinic in Shibuya, Tokyo in May, 1931.
Closed the clinic in March, 1986.

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